Moving Hacks

You’ve purchased a new home and just can’t wait to get moved. Settling in to a new home quickly is dependent upon your organization. I found a few moving hacks that can help with your packing and ultimately, your unpacking!

The last thing you want when you move is to have things broken, lost or put in the wrong place… like my experience, searching box after box for the coffee cups that first morning you wake up in your home can be frustrating. Or the coffee pot! Here’s a few ways to make the packing and unpacking easier:

  1. First, use a color coding system on the boxes as to which room they go in at the new home. Colored duct tape, markers or colored dots are great ways to create a system. Now make sure whoever is moving the boxes KNOWS your system! Using the same color coding on the door or door jam of the room they go into will help lessen any confusion.
  2. Use paper plates to separate your dishes when packing them up. Newspaper used to be the best packing material, but that is harder to find these days.
  3. Make handles on all of your boxes by using a box cutter, then cut a V with the point down on opposite sides, fold into the box before packing and you have handles!
  4. Put plastic wrap around your silverware tray and other containers of utensils so you can unpack them easily and intact. Now you just remove the plastic wrap and stick in their new drawer in their home all ready for use!
  5. If you have young kids that can’t help with the move, give them a color coded tub to put their toys in that will keep them busy while you work. Most kids like to feel helpful and a part of the activity, so getting their help by being responsible for their own container of toys or activities will make them feel like they are doing their share. Plus, they will have their own things to keep them busy while the move is happening.
  6. Pack a box or two of essentials that you will need to unpack first, and code it RED! This is called the unpacking kit. Check out my next blog on The Unpacking Kits as to what all goes into it.
  7. Take pictures of the back of your electronics before you pull all the cords, so you will know how to reconnect everything. With mailing labels, you can mark them easily and pack them all in one box. Don’t rely on your memory, just take the photo!
  8. When taking beds, or other furniture apart, put the hardware in a baggie, and duct tape to a piece of the furniture so it can quickly be found and reassembled. Once it took me a year to find the hardware to one piece of furniture!
  9. Tape from corner to corner, making an X on all pictures and mirrors to prevent breaking glass. This is important even if you are bubble wrapping them. It gives the glass that extra strength.
  10. Save egg cartons, toilet paper and paper towel rolls to use in the move. You will find a lot of uses for these items.

There’s a lot of ways to keep your move organized and with less loss in breakage, so use these tips and more online. You’ll be glad you put the extra time in before the move and it will make settling in, quicker. Enjoy your new home. If you know of someone we can assist with a purchase or refi, we promise to take good care of them. Your referral is the biggest compliment you can give. Thanks for watching and have a great week.