12 Weeks to Homeownership Video Series – Week 6

12 Weeks to Homeownership - Week 6 Getting Into Contract on a House Well, it's week 6 and by now you may have found the perfect one that has kept you up at night! Now, if you've seen enough homes and you are ready to make an offer on the home of your dreams, keep [...]

12 Weeks to Homeownership Video Series – Week 5

12 Weeks to Homeownership - Week 5 Get Your Money in the Bank Welcome to week 5! So far you have set your homeownership goals, you've worked with a loan officer to get pre-approved, you've hired your real estate agent, you've supplied the documents required and you've been house hunting for a couple of weeks. [...]

12 Weeks to Homeownership Video Series – Week 4

12 Weeks to Homeownership - Week 4 Submitting Loan Documents Well, welcome to week 4! I hope your first week of house shopping is going well. This week, it's important to finish up any loan documents that your lender might be asking for. Just when you think that you've given them every last document, you [...]

12 Weeks to Homeownership Video Series – Week 3

12 Weeks to Homeownership - Week 3 Shopping for a Home Welcome back! If you're watching this, you deserve a pat on the back - a BIG pat on the back - for setting your goals, getting your loan pre-approved and hiring a real estate agent. So, now, here we are in week 3, the [...]

12 Weeks to Homeownership Video Series – Week 2

12 Weeks to Homeownership - Week 2 Get Pre-Approved Welcome to the 12 weeks of homeownership series and congratulations! You have survived all the decision making you had in week 1. Now it's week 2, and it's time to call a lender to get pre-approved. First, I want you to get your documents together. You [...]

12 Weeks to Homeownership Video Series – Week 1

12 Weeks to Homeownership - Week 1 Define Your Goals Hello and welcome to the 12 Weeks to Homeownership Series. This is week number 1, so it's time to determine your goals, such as what type of home you want, what area you want to live in, how big of a home you need and [...]

Different Loan Types

I deal with a lot of different types of mortgage loans as a Folsom mortgage lender. Many home buyers aren't aware that there are 8 different types of mortgages that you can get, each with their own benefits. So, it's important to know what is available to you when applying for your mortgage, to make [...]

5 Things Your Broker Wishes You Knew

Before your first visit to our Folsom mortgage broker team, there are some things that you should know to make the experience as beneficial as possible. There are five things in particular that homebuyers need to be aware of in relation to the whole mortgage/house buying process, which I'll share with you today. Start by [...]

Need a Downpayment?

Need a Downpayment? Are you saving for the down payment to purchase your home? If you are, then you might want to know about the programs we offer to help families with their homeownership goals. The faster you start building equity while rates are low and values are going up, the faster you can build [...]

Chenoa Loan Program

Chenoa Loan Program The new loan program for First Time and Repeat Homebuyers is the Chenoa, No Down Payment Option. Through the Chenoa Fund program, borrowers can receive an FHA first mortgage with a forgivable or repayable second mortgage of 3.5 percent, which can be used towards their down payment. The Terms of the second [...]