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2130 E. Bidwell Street #110
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Fax: (916) 583-7400

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Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer Today I’m going to start off by painting a little picture for you. It’s Thursday, so in Folsom one kid has soccer practice at 4, and another has a game at 7 in Sacramento, CA. Oh, then you know you need to stop at the grocery store while you are in El [...]

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5 Things the Seller Should Never Say

5 Things the Seller Should Never Say Are you selling your house to move up into that dream home with more space and all the wonderful upgrades? It can be an anxious feeling, an unsettling feeling, not knowing how soon it will sell or where you will be next. It’s imperative that we put our [...]

4 Ways to Prepare for Damaged, Lost or Stolen Phones

4 Ways to Prepare for Damaged, Lost or Stolen Phones Have you ever had your phone stolen, dropped it in the sink, or have it fall off the balcony 30 floors up? It’s a sinking feeling and you’re terrified to pick it up and see if it’s shattered, scratched up, or completely unusable. All your [...]

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FHA 203K Home Loan

FHA 203K Home Loan Folsom & Sacramento, CA The FHA rehab loan program, otherwise known as the 203(K), has been requested more and more by our clients, so I think it’s a good time to talk about it here. The 203(K) is broken into two programs, the Streamline and the Full. This loan program can [...]

The Forgotten Manners

The Forgotten Manners Now and then, we occasionally look at our kids, and think… wow, my kids really do have manners… mostly when we are around other kids that don’t! Isn’t that always the way it is? It’s easier to see the misbehavior’s and disrespect of other parent’s kids, rather than your own. But it’s [...]

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4 Hacks Every Pet Owner Needs

4 Hacks Every Pet Owner Needs Pet owners love their pets. In the U.S., 44% own a dog and 29% own a cat. Only 3% own other pets, like parakeets, snakes and hamsters. As much as we love our pets, they can create challenges in maintaining a home. Four-legged Family Member Most folks that have [...]

The Real Truth About Rent vs Buy

The Real Truth About Rent vs Buying in Sacramento, CA In the United States, there is somewhere around $13.1 trillion in total value of the equity held by over 75 million U.S. homeowners, according to the latest estimates from the Federal Reserve Board. And that works out to almost $175,000 per owning household. This is undeniable [...]

6 Laundry Organization Tips

6 Laundry Organization Tips Taking care of household laundry can be grueling if you let it pile up and take over your life. Especially with kids, school, sports, and work! When life gets crazy, going here, going there, and family time is precious, doing household chores can be overwhelming. We have three boys, all in [...]

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5 Tips to Start the VA Loan

5 Important Tips to Start the VA Loan For military home buyers, the VA loans offer some unbeatable advantages, like a $0 down payment, no mortgage insurance, and more lenient credit requirements. This is a hard-earned benefit for those that qualify and isn’t all that different from buying with other loan products. Having the correct information and [...]

Why Attend Open Houses in Sacramento

Why Attend Open Houses in Your Neighborhood? Is your neighbor’s home for sale? I bet you are curious and want to go look as soon as they have their first open house, right? It’s a good idea, even if you aren’t buying or thinking of selling because it can be a wealth of information you may [...]