6 Things To Do When You First Move In

Finally closing on your home loan and buying your dream house is the greatest feeling and fun! But the packing, unpacking and cleaning isn’t… Moving can be hectic, hard work, and unsettling for everyone. Once you are in your new home, it’s always tough to figure out what you should do first as you settle into your dream home. Here’s 6 things to do when you first move in…

  1. Make it secure— You’re in a new home, new area, and don’t really know anyone yet, so make your new home as secure as you can. Change all exterior door locks. Be sure to also change the code on your garage door openers. That is the most common way thieves get in to a home. If you want to be extra secure, you can have an alarm system installed!
  2. Wipe out the cabinets — A no-brainer before you unpack your dishes and bathroom supplies. Clean the cabinets and put down shelf liner. It doesn’t take much time, but you can unpack knowing it’s clean.
  3. Sprinklers – Test the sprinkler system and make sure it is all working correctly. Understand the zones, and the settings to make sure they are set to go off at the right time of day and for the length of time you need. If there are watering restrictions in your new neighborhood, you will want to find out what those are as well.
  4. Replace air filters— This will only take 3 minutes and it’ll not only improve the air quality, but also help cut down your AC bill since the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard! Be sure to note the date so you know when it is time to change them again. You might also want to change the filters on your refrigerator.
  5. Get familiar with your Circuit Breaker Box and Main Water Valve – This is a must. Before you have an emergency you should know where everything is! You should have a final walk through of the home before moving. This is a great time to ask those questions. Also make sure the fuse box is labeled and you know what those labels mean!
  6. Check out Hot Water Supply – Run water in all of the faucets to check for leaks. Look at the hot water heater to see how high or low it is set for and adjust if necessary. If the house has been empty, it’s likely that the hot water heater was turned on low.
  7. Run phantom loads — The dishwasher may not have been cleaned thoroughly, so run an empty load. One dishwasher soap that gets rid of any mold is Finish. Run a phantom load in your washing machine to make sure all the lines are clear.

Well, that’s it for this week’s tip of the week! If you haven’t bought your dream home yet, give me a call so I can get the preapproval process started before you look. Thanks for joining me again and have a great day!