Need a Downpayment?

Need a Downpayment? Are you saving for the down payment to purchase your home? If you are, then you might want to know about the programs we offer to help families with their homeownership goals. The faster you start building equity while rates are low and values are going up, the faster you can build [...]

Chenoa Loan Program

Chenoa Loan Program The new loan program for First Time and Repeat Homebuyers is the Chenoa, No Down Payment Option. Through the Chenoa Fund program, borrowers can receive an FHA first mortgage with a forgivable or repayable second mortgage of 3.5 percent, which can be used towards their down payment. The Terms of the second [...]

Moving Hacks

Moving Hacks You’ve purchased a new home and just can’t wait to get moved. Settling in to a new home quickly is dependent upon your organization. I found a few moving hacks that can help with your packing and ultimately, your unpacking! The last thing you want when you move is to have things broken, [...]

Mortgage Myths

Mortgage Myths Many of you “would-be” first time homebuyers delay getting preapproved because you don’t know how the home loan process works, you think you to have a lot of money saved up, or you fear rejection in the loan approval process. So, let’s talk about a few of the mortgage myths: You have to [...]

6 Things To Do When You First Move In

6 Things To Do When You First Move In  Finally closing on your home loan and buying your dream house is the greatest feeling and fun! But the packing, unpacking and cleaning isn’t... Moving can be hectic, hard work, and unsettling for everyone. Once you are in your new home, it’s always tough to [...]

The Cost of Not Owning Your Home

The Cost of Not Owning Your Home Not buying a home right now will cost you, because home prices and interest rates are going to rise. Many renters would like to own but think they can’t afford down payments or won't qualify for mortgages. Those are the two main reasons cited from many experts out [...]