5 Things the Seller Should Never Say

5 Things the Seller Should Never Say

Are you selling your house to move up into that dream home with more space and all the wonderful upgrades? It can be an anxious feeling, an unsettling feeling, not knowing how soon it will sell or where you will be next. It’s imperative that we put our home’s best face forward so its decluttered and looks perfect. Well, it’s also imperative to be smart about what we say and how we present our home’s condition.

Don’t Spill the Beans

When selling your home, there are certain things you should never say to you potential buyers! The last thing you want to do, is to alarm a buyer as to problems with the home, or to put expensive fixes into their head. Plus, you don’t want to create a potential liability by unknowingly give misleading or false information. This is one area where your Real Estate Agent is a great asset. Most folks that hire an agent never see or talk to the potential buyers, the agent does that! And your agent will advise you on what you must disclose per the law, and what you should disclose that may be found in the home inspection anyway.

What Not to Say

So, let’s talk about 5 things you should never say to people who come over to view the home:

  1. “We’ve always wanted to renovate that…” stop right there! Don’t indicate you are leaving because it’s cheaper than doing the renovations or moving a wall. This can make a buyer think there will be significant costs involved in making the home theirs.
  2. “This home is in perfect condition.” In your eyes, it may seem perfect, but the home inspection could reveal otherwise, so be careful about making claims that may not be true.
  3. “We’ve never had a problem with that…” You could set yourself up for potential liability on a problem you may not even be aware of, and it could translate into more than just an embarrassing moment upon inspection. So be truthful about what you know and admit what you don’t know.
  4. “We just need to sell, as it’s been on the market for X” No, no, no… This info is available on the home’s information sheet, and bringing it up can give sellers the wrong message. Either it’s a white elephant no one wants, or they may think they can get it dirt cheap.
  5. “We spent a ton of money on that…” The buyer doesn’t really care whether you spent $10,000 or $100,000 on upgrading your kitchen, they will only offer what they feel the home is worth. It may sound like you are trying too hard or are desperate to sell.

It’s No Longer Your Home

When you make the decision to sell, for whatever reason, your home is no longer YOUR home, it’s an asset you are selling. And, I’m sure you want top dollar. We all get it! Before selling, you go through the process of getting your home ready by decluttering, removing personal pictures and all the extras that make it your home. This helps take the emotion out of the transaction. So, this is the time to be realistic and open to offers within a reasonable range. Before you sell, be sure to get preapproved if you plan to purchase another home. Give us a call to get the process started so you are prepared with a strong offer when the time comes. Remember, the market in Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado Counties is hot right now, so be ready to go all in when you find that home you love.

4 Ways to Prepare for Damaged, Lost or Stolen Phones

4 Ways to Prepare for Damaged, Lost or Stolen Phones

Have you ever had your phone stolen, dropped it in the sink, or have it fall off the balcony 30 floors up? It’s a sinking feeling and you’re terrified to pick it up and see if it’s shattered, scratched up, or completely unusable. All your numbers, contacts, texts, and emails, gone… The panic sets in!

Apple Picking

If you’ve never had your phone stolen, you are in the lucky majority. Snatching phones is so common, it’s called “apple picking”. It can really happen anywhere; a concert, the bus, or simply just walking down the street. It’s important to be prepared because it can happen at anywhere, or any time. In the U.S. alone, in 2013, there were 3.1M phones reported stolen, but it declined in 2015, to 2.1M. This decline is largely attributed to the “kill switch app”. This allows you to disable the phone if it is stolen.

Be Prepared

It’s still smart to take a few cautionary steps just in case it is stolen, dropped in a river, or ran over by a bus. So, here’s 4 things you should do:

  1. Back-Up It Up Often! – And backup everything! It’s easy to do, and doesn’t take long, but if you do have to get a new phone, most phones can have all the data restored up to the last time you backed up your phone.
  2. Set-Up A Passcode On Your Device – A passcode or pin number can deter others from getting in to your phone and data long enough for you to change your passwords on your accounts. Especially if you use an app for depositing checks or accessing your bank balances. It is recommended that you use a 6 digit pin rather than 4.
  3. Have a Tracking Option on Your Phone – Many phones now have built in tracking apps that you can access from your computer. There are several other options like the TrackR device that you keep on your key ring. If you lose your phone, it will find it. If you lose your keys, your phone will find your keys.
  4. Purchase Insurance For Your Phone – Replacement insurance is an affordable way to replace lost, damaged, or stolen phones. Enough said!

We store so many things on our phones today that it would be terrifying to lose it or have it stolen. Bank information, emails, passwords, social security numbers, and addresses can all be found through one simple little device, our phones.

We store so many things on our phones today that it would be terrifying to lose it or have it stolen. Bank information, emails, passwords, social security numbers, and addresses are just a few things that can be found through one simple little device, our phones. Just think if someone got to your Paypal, Amazon account, or even worse… Your bank account! Most of us probably keep our phones nearby at all hours of the day… so protect yourself so you can recover quickly and as painless as possible. Don’t think it can’t or won’t happen to you! You might check out my video on Spring Cleaning Your Wallet as well. That also has a few good tips on keeping your personal information safe.

The housing market is heating up here in Folsom, as well as Roseville, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, and the Sacramento County area! Houses aren’t lasting long on the market, so be ready with a preapproval before you make an offer. It will strengthen your chances of success in a multiple offer environment. Give me a call if I can help with a preapproval or refinance. Have a great day.