How to Have the Greatest Year Ever

How to Have the Greatest Year Ever

I believe you can make next year your best year ever. Life doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t have to be bored. It really comes down to being intentional. If you mean what you say and are motivated to get what you want, taking action with the intentions of meeting your goals will be second nature. Once you get the steps down, you won’t even have to think about it! Although, it does take some time to keep your goals in mind in everything you do. That is being intentional!

Well, after researching and reading articles, I came up with a list of 5 steps that can get you there. I have to say, I was very impressed with some of the blogs I read on this topic. So, follow these steps to create your best year ever:

  1. Reflect on last year. Ask yourself what worked and what didn’t. What events or activities did you really like, or dislike. Actually, take time to review your calendar so you don’t miss something important.
  2. Write down the major big visions you see for your life. Go up to the 40,000 foot level and make a list, like have a family, be financially independent, retire by you are 55, etc…
  3. Now set goals. What are your goals for this year, next 3 years, 5 years etc…
  4. Find your why. Why do you want what you want? Ask yourself the questions over and over, until you get down to the real reason.
  5. Set up systems to implement your plans. Calendar milestones you need to meet in order to complete your goals. If you are more visual, get an old school calendar and put it on the wall where you can check it every day.

Like this year, at the end of next year, review what you’ve done during the previous year and start the process over.

You can do this every year and make your next year your best yet. It’s all about living intentionally and to do that, you need to follow these steps.

The more I read, the more I understood how important these steps are, and I realized how they relate to real estate. Real Estate in Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, Elk Grove, and the El Dorado County areas can be a great way to build wealth throughout your life time. If buying a home or becoming a real estate investor is something you wish to do, set your goals and be intentional. Well that’s my tip, and I hope it helps you have the best year ever. Give me a call if I can help with a preapproval or refinance. Have a great day.

5 Uses of Command Hooks

5 Uses of Command Hooks

Command hooks have become one of our favorite things around the house and even in the car.  I have 5 ways to use these little gems you may not have thought of…

You can pick up command hooks in most stores, like grocery, drug, home improvement, and even the dollar stores!  There’s several different kinds, and ways to use them.

  1. The little clear hooks are great for hanging family toothbrushes in the medicine cabinet. Hanging them can keep the toothbrushes cleaner as well as your cabinet.
  2. This Command Hook has metal hooks, and are great for hanging the lids for your pots and pans on the inside of the cabinet door. My assistant Patsy has done this in her kitchen and loves it.
  3. The regular white hooks are great for all those hairdryers, flat irons, and curling irons on the inside of the bathroom vanity cabinet doors. Great storage idea.
  4. Using the same white hooks, you can apply one upside down, for hanging a welcome wreath with a ribbon over your front door… wreaths have become popular year-round!
  5. This is my personal favorite… apply a hook in the car where ever you need to hang a garbage bag. Especially in the back for the kids to use. Finding garbage on my car floor is really irritating!

We love using command hooks around the house and even around the office! Let me know if you have more ideas on how to use these great little tools. I’d love to share them on our blog. Rates are still at historic lows so if you are thinking about buying or refinancing, give us a call to get started. Getting preapproved is the first step in buying and we’d love to help.

How to Be a Good Houseguest

How to Be a Good Houseguest

As the holidays are approaching quickly we know getting your home ready for holiday guests is stressful. So, if you are the one traveling to visit family or friends, just how good of a houseguest are you? Remember National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Let’s hope that is not how your holiday vacation happens!

Visiting family or friends during the holidays can be emotional, exciting, or even bring on anxiety. So, I’ve compiled a list of ways you can make sure your visit is welcomed:

  1. Nail down the dates of the visit before you go—and stick to them. And don’t say we’ll be there at 7pm and not show up until midnight!
  2. Pack smart – The contents of your entire home won’t fit in a guest room, so stick to the essentials.
  3. Keep your stuff organized and neat – Don’t expect your hosts to pick up after you.
  4. Honor the house rules – If your hosts don’t allow shoes worn in the home, bring extra socks if you don’t want to go barefoot.
  5. Be helpful – Don’t expect your hosts to do all the work. Pitch in with the work, offer to help with groceries, or take care of little chores like taking out the garbage.
  6. Bring or send a thank you gift and follow up with a note – The gift needn’t be expensive, just meaningful. If you don’t have time to shop, take the family to dinner as a thank you!

The holidays should be joyous. Taking every step to eliminate any unnecessary stress is just good planning. Well, that’s my tip for this week! If you want to know today’s mortgage rates, or have questions, please give me a call! I’d be glad to help. Thanks for joining me. Have a great holiday.


How to Enjoy the Holiday Parties

How to Enjoy the Holiday Parties in a Healthy Way

It’s common for us to put off healthy habits until “after the holidays!” But, the Holidays are a great time to start on your health kick.

The holidays don’t have to be a time for carefree abandonment of gluttony. With a few of these tips below, you can have a great time without feeling like you are missing out.

  1. Indulge Without Overindulging – Relax. You won’t gain 10 pounds at a party. The average person gains only about a pound during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.
  1. Count your bites – Most appetizers are about 60 calories a bite, so 5 appetizers are about 300 calories. Just fill a small plate, once—so you don’t go overboard.
  1. Practice moderation (really) – Drinking too much may not just mean a terrible hangover. Around this time of year, doctors report seeing a spike in erratic heartbeats—dubbed “holiday heart syndrome.” It is more common among people who usually aren’t heavy drinkers but drink in excess for a short time. So just go light on the alcohol!
  1. Watch out for caffeine – If you think hot cocoa is a great idea at night, hold on to your marshmallows! Chocolate, even the powdered kind, contains caffeine, as do many over-the-counter pain medicines that you might pop at night to get a head start on a hangover.
  1. Don’t skip meals – Eat normally during the day, and be strategic at the party. Arriving starving can undermine your ability to select wisely. Don’t bother with things you don’t absolutely love. Splurge on something special.

If you can follow these tips without feeling like you are being cheated out of the holiday season, you’ll feel better and you won’t dread another invitation. Enjoy the spirit of the holidays. Well, that’s my tip for this week! If you want to know today’s mortgage rates, or have questions, please give me a call! I’d be glad to help. Thanks for joining me. Have a great holiday.

20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Last Minute Shoppers

One of the hardest tasks during the holidays is finding stocking stuffers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve waited until Dec. 24th, to buy them. Not only do I wait until the last minute…I never know what to get…

In the “old days” stockings were filled with nuts, oranges, apples, candy, and the occasional….you guessed it, pair of socks! Now days, we struggle with putting “gifts of value” in each other’s stockings. Well, I put together a list of a few ideas that might help you out this year.

My top 20 stocking stuffers ideas are:

  1. Jump rope
  2. Pedometer
  3. Protein Bars
  4. Wallet
  5. Foldable Shopping Bags
  6. Utility Tool
  7. Phone Case or Charger
  8. USB flash drives
  9. Magnetic Poetry
  10. Wine opener, pourer, or champagne stopper
  11. Chapstick, Lip Balm, Lip Gloss
  12. Winter Gloves
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Shoe Horn
  15. Gift Cards
  16. Movie Tickets
  17. DVDs
  18. Card games like Cards Against Humanity, Uno, etc.
  19. Anything makeup related or nail polishes
  20. Mini Liquor Bottles and Shot Glosses

Well, there’s a lot more, but that’s a good list to get started with! Stocking Stuffers should be fun, so keep it light and humorous.

That’s my tip for this week! If you want to know today’s mortgage rates, or have questions, please give me a call!

History of Mortgage Rates

The History of Mortgage Rates (1981 – 2016)

You may be inundated with lenders tooting their horns about the near record low mortgage rates we experienced all of 2016. You hear it so often that you’ve tuned out. Well, it’s hard to appreciate where we are today if we don’t look at the past.

So let’s take a quick look:


  • In July 2016 – rates hit the lowest since 2012 = 3.44% with a cost of ½% and in August went even lower to 3.36%.
  • Today – average rates are about 4.02%
  • In December 2012 – The lowest since FNMA has kept records, rates were 3.35%
  • 10 Years Ago, in 2006 – we had a 6.41% annual average rate
  • At the turn of the Century, 2000 – 8.05% was the annual average
  • 20 Years Ago, in 1996 – it was 7.81%
  • 30 Years Ago, 1986 – it was 10.19%
  • The All-Time High was in October 1981 – at 18.45% with 2.3 points. That was the month that President Reagan was shot, Pope John Paul was shot, and the stock market reacted.

So, to put this in perspective, if you bought a house in October 1981 at $200,000 with 20% Down, your payment would be $2,471.17 plus taxes & insurance. If you bought a $500,000 house with today’s rates, your payment would be about $1,824.21 plus taxes and insurance. The mortgage interest rates play a huge role in affordability, balancing out today’s home values. My point is that looking back into history may be the dose we need to really appreciate where we are today and help you understand why lenders keep shouting from the rooftops.

As we go into the next year, the bond market is uncertain, so rates may continue to climb modestly, per many of the industry analysts. Regardless, rates historically are still very affordable and now is a time to lock it in. Whether you are buying your first home, moving up into that forever home, downsizing into a luxury home, or refinancing your existing home, don’t procrastinate or hedge the market.

FHA Home Loan and VA Home Loan

For many first-time homebuyers, there are low down payment options such as the FHA Home Loan and VA Home Loan. There are also down payment assistant programs like the Sapphire Grant Program, CalHFA Plus with Zip, and several others. There are even programs that help pay for part or all your closing costs like the one for teachers called the CalHFA Extra Credit Teachers Program.

If you’d like more information on any of these programs, for today’s mortgage rate, or to get preapproved, give us a call today to get started. We get it. We love to help you meet your homeownership goals.